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Tenant In Arrears?

Is your tenant in arrears? OR if you just want your property back, then this is the first step you need to take. All we need from you is a copy of the tenancy agreement and details of the arrears and we will do the rest of all the work for you.

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Evict My Tenant

If After the Step 1 Process your tenant has still not left or addressed the arrears, then as soon as possible you need to start the process to evict the tenant. Our legal team will apply to the court for proceedings to be issued against your tenant to obtain a possession order.

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Tenancy Agreement

There are always tenants who think they are above the law and regardless of any legal action, they refuse to evict. In that case, Step 3 is the final stage in the eviction process. Upon your instructions, We will arrange for the court bailiffs to issue a warrant for possession of the property and to remove the tenant.

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