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Tenant Eviction Services

Step 1: Tenant In Arrears?

Is your tenant in arrears? OR if you just want your property back, then this is the first step you need to take.
All we need from you is a copy of the tenancy agreement and details of the arrears and we will do the rest of all the work for you.
We will serve the relevant and correct notice on your tenant whether it be a Section 8, Section 21 or a Notice to Quit.
In many cases this is the only action required to solve the situation.
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Step 2: Evict My Tenant

If After the Step 1 Process your tenant has still not left or addressed the arrears, then as soon as possible you need to start the process to evict the tenant.
Our legal team will apply to the court for proceedings to be issued against your tenant to obtain a possession order. A court date will be set for the hearing (with-in 6 – 10 weeks). Our legal team will then attend the court on your behalf and will obtain the court order. Once this order is made, the tenant has 14 days to vacate the property and pay the outstanding arrears.
The vast majority of tenant cases settle and vacate at this stage. However, there are always exceptions and some tenants refuse to adhere to the laws of the land. In these instances you need to revert to the 3rd and final stage.
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Step 3: Tenancy Agreement

There are always tenants who think they are above the law and regardless of any legal action, they refuse to evict. In that case, Step 3 is the final stage in the eviction process.
Upon your instructions, We will arrange for the court bailiffs to issue a warrant for possession of the property and to remove the tenant. Without exception, this leaves you with a vacant property that you can then re-let or sell.
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Why Our Services?

  • On receiving your instructions, your tenants will receive a notice seeking possession within 48 hours. If necessary this will be physically delivered to your tenant by a local process server.
  • Should court action be necessary we offer two options; Fixed fees and a No Win, No Fee Option.
  • Our service covers all of England, Wales and Scotland.

No win, No Fee Agreements

This is called a Conditional Fee Agreement, commonly known as ‘no win, no fee’s

If your claim is successful
In a ‘no win, no fee’ agreement Eviction Law UK will only be paid by the landlord if the claim is successful. A landlord maybe able to recover their costs in whole or part from the losing party. If the landlord is unable to recover his costs from the tenant, Eviction Law UK will still be entitled to their fees from the landlord.

Should court action be necessary than the court fees (£150 approximately) are paid in advance by the client to Eviction Law UK made payable to the court. The losing party should pay all or part of these costs.

If your claim fails
You will not have to pay Eviction Law UK but you may have to pay the costs of the successful party – your tenant.

For a ‘no win, no fee’ arrangement the landlord will enter into a contract with Eviction Law UK. For good practice and transparency the contract will also set out the fee structure. You will be able to cancel the contract within 14 days of the contract inception date. Should you wish to cancel the contract within the 14 days then there are no penalties or money due to Eviction Law UK for any work done. We do not charge an additional success fee.

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